Sewing Master Leads the Future.

In an effort to become an international first-class enterprise, Chee Siang Corporation has persistently valued honesty and integrity, leading the market with superior quality and serving its customers with exquisite craftsmanship and excellent service.

We inherit the culture with a history of thousands of years and create a harmonious home for millions of people. Chee Siang Corporation upholds traditional Chinese virtues and embraces kindness and excellence. Hand in hand with friends from all over the world, Chee Siang is seeking a brilliant and prosperous future. Chee Siang will spare no efforts to foster the culture of a large family featured trust, harmony, win-win relationship and overall development.

Our Vision: To be accurate

To make our customer satisfaction is our vision.

3-SET Service

  • We totally check all the materials, procurement for the parts, and production for the assembly by the regulation of ISO9001 standard.
  • We provide the certificate of guarantee and the technical manual user book.
  • We also provide the guarantee responsibility.
  • We also provide the service of parts supply, machine assembly, adjustment, and maintenance, for the customers. Also technical support and facilitation or tutoring.
  • When we get any information related to quality consideration, we will find out and report to customer by 24 hours. Also we will analyze this issue and male correction if need.
  • We believe by our effort of being best quality, rich kinds of products, good service to customers, we are sure we are in the same as Germany or Japanese brand. And get the good market share in the planet.



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