Established in 1995, Chee Siang  Corporation is a specializing in the manufacture and sales of “Golden Wheel” industrial sewing machines,  the corporation selected a key state-level development zone in Jinqiao Export Processing Zone to establish Chee Siang Sewing Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The site covers an area of 80 acres, including a gross floor area of 66000 square meters, with an investment of more than 60 million U.S. dollars, which paves the way for the company to become a international leading brand in the future.

Top International Talents to Meet Various Customers Requirements


The president of Chee Siang group devoted his whole life to the research and development of “Golden Wheel” industrial sewing machine, he finds countless innovations in the realm of thread and needles, and he leads his team to develop high quality products that satisfied all customers. The president is well versed in the art of people management; he also incorporated positive ideas from other culture into his work. For example he puts the “precision and harmony” spirit of the Japanese culture into the development of Golden Wheel mechanical parts, making every tiny part just like a delicate piece of art. Therefore it is no wonder that Chee Siang makes the proud achievement of having 90% of the parts in their product produced in their own factory.


Chee Siang is also proud of having abundant kinds of the machines to satisfy their customers’ various needs. From shoes to bags, garments to caps, and now sofa and car seat cover, their product line now covers a total of five classes with more than 1000 types of products. In 2004, the corporation once again put huge investment in importing the most advanced CNC equipment from Japan. As a coordinating measure, it has also absorbed international outstanding talents, have promoted every product up the new and high levels. Recently they have succeeded in developing computer controlled pattern sewing machine, which once again makes the brand of GOLDEN WHEEL one of the top brands around the world.


Purchased VARI-O-MATIC Multi-needle Machines Brand. Expanding to EUROPE, AMERICA and AFRICA Market


July 2009, Chee Siang acquired the famous Japanese VARI-O-MATCI CORPORATION, including the rights for brand marketing, manufacturing and all intellectual properties. Beginning immediately at the date of transfer, manufacturing and marketing of “VARI-O-MATIC” brand sewing machine stopped in Japan, and “VARI-O--MATIC” products, trademarks and all intellectual property was transferred to Chee Siang. Therefore, Chee Siang is in control of both GOLDEN WHEEL brand and “VARI-O-MATIC” brands’ products manufacturing license, and all intellectual property rights.


To increase the market share of GOLDEN WHEEL and VARI-O-MATIC products in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Chee Siang established the European branch in Germany in Sep. 2009. They also improved the rapid response for marketing and after-sales service, reduced transportation time of delivery and improved the service of customer support. October 2013, Chee Siang set up Brazil branch office, thus expanding their supporting network around the world. Not only showing the prowess of Chee Siang Group in quality control, technical support and critical service response, but also presenting the achievement of “GOLDEN WHEEL” as a globally recognized brand.


Self owned 7-FUKU Brand for Spare Parts. Diversified Business and Innovative Marketing


Every year, you can find Chee Siang group’s brilliant and professional booth with their newest products appearing in numerous international textile and shoes industry exhibition around the globe. Golden Wheel booth always attracts a lot of visitors to enquire and place order, and become the focus of each exhibition. From 2011, we can find the 7-FUKU brand appearing in Chee Siang booth, this brand presents high quality hooks, cases, metering device and servo control system. The 7-FUKU brand products not only can be used with Golden Wheel brand industrial sewing machines, but also sold separately for other uses. Recently we organized the several exhibitions in different countries, and received high praises among business buyers all over the world .


7-FUKU’s high-quality hooks & cases are produced by the most advanced Japanese processing equipment and the UK's most advanced coating technology (DLC coating and TiN coating). The cutting, heating treatment, grinding, assembling, and quality checking procedures are all under unified and standard operation procedure, in addition to serious management. It is no doubt that 7-FUKU brand is the symbol of precision hooks and cases! Through the export business of 7-FUKU products, and the marketing of 7-FUKU brand products, the 30 years of hard working experiences of Chee Siang Group in the textile area finally promotes the company into a diversified new stage.


Chee Siang Group Leading the Global Textile Industry Into New Phase


Facing the tough competition of the global industrial sewing machine market, while developing the advanced technology in high speed, Chee Siang also put heavy emphasis on applying patent for their “GOLDEN WHEEL” technology, Resulting in having more than 80 new technology patents registered in China. Along with the recent rise of the non-stitch shoes, Chee Siang will work with Japan, Germany R & D department together to develop the suitable products in responding to the ever-changing market. Chee Siang believes the computerize (electromechanical integration) products is the trend for the future and it will strengthen the development of its computer controlled pattern machine, increase its sewing range and develop corresponding accessories for special sewing uses.


Chee Siang group insist on their reasonable price, good quality and perfect aster-sale service as their enterprise principle step by step, We believe that “Golden Wheel” will keep leading the industrial sewing machine industry and strike fabulous achievements.




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